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What I do

I’m an SEO Consultant with over 6 years of experience in SEO for e-commerce, SaaS, consumer goods, education, publishing, and Web3 companies. Also, I’m an SEO instructor and the founder of aprendoseo, a Spanish language learning platform that offers comprehensive SEO courses, informative videos, and engaging content.

How I Grew an Email Marketing SaaS SEO Sales and Revenues by 3,813% in a Year

This client is an email marketing automation platform that helps businesses create and automate targeted email campaigns. 

It offers features such as email templates, segmentation, reporting, and integrations with other marketing tools to increase engagement and drive conversions.

The challenge

In June 2022, the email marketing SaaS brand requested my SEO support for their site. At that point, their SEO revenue from the previous year was $1,533. They did not have any SEO content strategy created, did not perform link building before, nor were optimizing their top-ranking pages.

This is how their website’s organic traffic looked like in July 2022:

Sendlane sells 2021

These were their SEO sales from May 2021 to May 2022:

Sendlane sells 2021

The SEO solution

To optimize their website, I rapidly suggested conducting a tech audit, performing an SEO data and competitor analysis, providing conversion rate optimization (CRO) suggestions, and optimizing top-ranking pages.

Also, I suggested creating a three-month content plan, including keyword research, and performing ongoing on-page and new content creation. 

Additionally, I started doing consultancy and link-building creation as an effective strategy for rankings improvement and authority.

The deliverables 

I collaborated with the client monthly to deliver:

  • Keyword research and content plan for the month (8 keywords per month). 
  • Keyword and search intent-focused blog content: using NLP software and tools. 
  • SEO content briefs and SEO guidelines for writers: research-based content outlines before they are drafted (8 briefs per month).
  • SEO on-page optimizations and implementation on their CMS. 
  • Structured and straightforward internal linking. 
  • Monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports and goals-setting meetings. 

The results 

Organic Traffic from Search

Organic traffic Sendlane

Source: Google Search Console 

In the time working with the client, together we’ve produced 80+ blog posts, 80+ links, and 25+ on-page optimizations, resulting in the following outcomes:

  • Sales increased by 3,813.37% from the previous year
  • Organic search clicks increased by 105.60% within a year
  • Organic search impressions increased by 50.79% within a year

Sendlane sales after

Source: Hubspot

Sendlane Google Analytics

Source: Google Analytics

Due to the collaborative efforts of their team and me, the email marketing SaaS regularly creates SEO-optimized quality content on their website, which answers questions and explains topics people in the industry are looking for.

Sendlane Google Search Console

Source: Google Search Console

If you are looking to grow your SEO strategies or to start utilizing SEO consultancy services, I would be interested in working with you and your company. My expertise and experience in the field guarantee results within a short period of time. With my assistance, you can improve your website´s ranking and attract more traffic, increasing visibility and revenue.

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Let's improve your SEO strategy together

Email me to book a free SEO analysis on your website and learn how we can help your business with SEO