Cómo el SEO hizo crecer las ventas de un negocio de comercio electrónico un 7,694%

How SEO grew the sales of an e-commerce business by 7,694%.

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Who am I 

Arianna Lupi is an SEO consultant with 6 years of experience in eCommerce SEO, SaaS, consumer goods, education, content publishing and promotion, and web 3.0 companies. She is also an SEO consultant and founder of Aprendoseo: a Spanish-language platform that offers SEO courses, informative videos, and relevant content.


How I increased SEO sales of an e-commerce business by 7,694% in one year.

The client is an American e-commerce business. It provided vapers with a varied selection of electronic cigarettes or "Vapes" with direct shipment to their doors at the best possible price. 


The challenge

In November 2021, the client requested my SEO services for their newly created e-commerce website. When I looked into it, they already had a Shopify store running for only a few months. However, none of their products were indexed in Google. Nor was there any content, nor had they conducted a keyword search for their homepage, their two sub-pages, or their 40 products listed there.

This is how their metrics stood on its website in November 2021:

My SEO solution

I immediately suggested technical SEO implementations to make their website visible to search engines. Then, my focus shifted to creating content for their blog subfolder.

These are some of the solutions I created and implemented for their vape e-commerce business:  

  • Keyword-focused content strategy: planned content based and developed on genuine user searches.
  • Briefs de contenido SEO y pautas a seguir para los escritores: pautas basadas en búsquedas antes de ser enviadas a redacción. 
  • Content creation: more than 1,500 words for each blog - Creation and organization of content in the form of pillars within your blog subfolder.
  • Blog content focused on search intent and keywords: we use natural language processing (NLP) software and other tools. 
  • Structured and straightforward internal linking. 
  • Product listing optimization: we apply SEO to titles, H1, descriptions, etc. 

In addition, I implemented link-building through a partner agency and, as a result, helped the client gain more visibility and authority.


The deliverables

I worked with this e-cigarette business every month to accomplish the following: 

  • Keyword research and content planning for the month (10 keywords per month).
  • Content briefs and outlines (10 monthly briefs).
  • Keyword optimization in blog articles (10 articles per month).
  • Product categorization and list optimization (10 monthly optimizations).
  • Suggestions and Implementations of Texts for Banners.
  • Monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports and goals-setting meetings. 


The results

In the time working with the client, together we have produced more than 100 blog posts, around 100 links, and 400 product pages, and have obtained the following results:

  • Sales increased by 7,694%.
  • Sessions increased by 28.898%.
  • Organic clicks increased by 68,033%.

Organic Traffic from Search 

Due to our team's efforts, the client regularly creates around 10 quality monthly content for their website that answers questions and explains topics that people in the industry are looking for.


If you are looking to grow your SEO strategies or to start utilizing SEO consultancy services, I would be interested in working with you and your company. My expertise and experience in the field guarantee results within a short period of time. With my assistance, you can improve your website´s ranking and attract more traffic, increasing visibility and revenue.

Let's improve your SEO strategy together

Email me to book a free SEO analysis on your website and learn how we can help your business with SEO