Arianna Lupi

SEO Consultant and Podcaster

Hi, my name is Arianna

Welcome to my personal website, this is the perfect place to get to know me and my work.

My name is Arianna. I am an SEO Consultant with over 6 years of experience growing companies and brands through search engine optimization, digital PR, and content marketing.

I am Venezuelan, graduated MagnaCumLaude in International Business and Master in Big Data Analytics at St Thomas University.

I also give SEO courses (in Spanish for now) and give SEO talks (in English & Spanish)

Beyond SEO, I co-host the Latino entertainment podcast "Lo Que Nadie Te Dijo" with over 30k listeners worldwide.

In my spare time (I do have that), I am a running enthusiast and matcha tea lover.

Companies I have worked with:

My experience

St Thomas University


Managed the website's SEO and PPC campaigns increasing traffic by 40% and conversions by 25%.



Developed a 2-3 year voice search optimization plan for their sustainable home care brand Seventh Generation.



Manage a team of 6 part-time and full-time content partnership and outreach specialists. Work on 6-8 SaaS brands at once Hubspot, Piktochart, Wealthsimple, Slite, Maze, Holded, Attest and Osano.




Plan, implement and manage clients's overall SEO strategy Perform in-depth keyword research aligned with client's goals and KPIs

Arianna knows what she's talking about. I've worked with many SEOs in my time, and all too often they collect data and do nothing with it. However, Arianna collects, reads, and acts on the SEO metrics she tracks.

Sarah Douglass-Collins, Content SEO at Skale

My SEO Course

 I created a course to lower the barrier to entry into SEO for the Hispanic & Latinx speaking community. 

In this course, I cover all the basics: what the web is, what search engines are, how they work and up to keyword research. It’s perfect for anyone that has no marketing or tech background.

1. Introduction to the web and search engines

2. All about search terms and keywords

3. Types of SEO and how to use them

4. Measuring and tracking SEO success

5. Opportunities to practice and become an SEO professional or freelancer

Working with Arianna has been one of the best bets we have made at Skale. Extremely professional, always excelling at improving, learning, and becoming a master of her craft (SEO), which she has certainly accomplished!

Italo Viale, Co-founder, Skale

Personalized consulting

SEO Mentoring

The goal of SEO mentoring is that we can talk and learn about SEO and how to help you emerge academically and professionally in the most effective way.


SEO Consulting

SEO consulting consists of verifying the current status of your website's positioning and the actions you can take to improve it.